Coronavirus and garment workers

  • Workers in the supply chain are going to bear the brunt of the coronavirus, as demand slows and access to raw materials from China declines. We cannot allow big brands to neglect the needs of their most crucial workers, and ensure workers in factories that are closing down, and workers at risk or infected with the virus, are given the financial support they need.

As white collar workers in these corporations’ HQs are likely to be protected, we must ensure the same protections are put in place for workers across the supply chain, who make their million/billion profits possible.

For more information on the situation, check out this statement from Clean Clothes Campaign, International Labor Rights Forum, Maquila Solidarity Network, and Worker Rights Consortium.

Join me and spend max 5 minutes a day letting a brand know we stand with workers and demand support and protection. You can target your fave, you can choose a different one each day. I’ll slowly be compiling a list. Lets try bombard one brand a day and see what they have to say!


21/03: H&M

22/03: Nike


25/03: Zara

26/03: Marks and Spencer

27/03: Gap

30/03: Boohoo

31/03: Walmart

1/04: Uniqlo

2/04: Fashion Nova

3/04: Ralph Lauren

Sample tweet:

Hi … , I would like to know what steps you are taking to ensure garment workers making your clothes are supported financially during factory closures or sick leave, in line with demands by civil society organisations.

Sample email:

To whom it may concern,

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, I would like to know what you are doing to ensure the garment workers making your clothes are protected from Coronavirus, and what is being done to ensure workers who are unable to work, or are laid off, are given enough support to survive. In particular, I would like to know whether you are following the steps suggested by civil society organisations, who suggest the following:

– Ensure that their supplier factories follow government requirements or recommendations regarding the suspension of large gatherings and close factories as necessary for the appropriate duration to protect the health of workers and their communities, while maintaining all workers’ contracts and payment of their full regular wages;

-Ensure that workers who are sent home because of a lack of work are compensated at their full regular wage;

-Ensure that workers who contract the virus, or suspect they have the virus, can take sick leave without negative repercussions and are compensated at their full regular wage during the period of recovery and self-isolation;

-Ensure that, when factories reopen, deadlines for orders are reassessed to prevent workers from working mandatory overtime to make up for delays; and

-Ensure that measures to fight the virus do not unduly restrict workers’ freedom of movement or their freedom to organize.

The full statement can be found at:’-health-and

Kind regards,


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