Eco friendly cruelty free sustainable and fabulous haircare


I recently started using Avalon volumizing shampoo. I wanted to use the nourishing one but they didn’t have it in store, and I didn’t have time to order it online.
I’ve been using this for about 2 months now and I have to say there are so many noticeable differences between using a natural organic shampoo and an ordinary one.

1. My hair feels SO clean when I’m washing it. I remember I once put oil in my hair and it put me off from ever doing it again because my shampoo didn’t wash it out. I think I ended up using fairy liquid to get it out! Since I have dry hair I have used coconut oil now and then before washing and there is no greasiness after I wash.

2. My hair stays cleaner for longer. When I used herbal essences I knew I had to wash my hair on the second day, if not earlier. This shampoo leaves me hair looking clean for…I’d say 3 days. I’m sure everyone is different but that’s better than almost 2 days. My friend uses a lush shampoo and says the same thing- hair feels cleaner for longer.

2.1 you also waste less water by not washing your hair so often

2.2 you shouldn’t be washing your hair too often. It’s not good for it!

3. It’s made from ingredients that are 100% natural, and organic and cruelty free. We contribute to the way the world works with every action. I think ensuring that even the smallest things in our lives have a good impact is so important. Being kind to our planet, our bodies and animals. That’s our job.

I will be trying the nourishing lavender shampoo and conditioner next. Its just because I think my hair needs some extra care because it can get dry. I’m sure it’ll be just as good if not better. I’d definitely recommend this 🙂

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