Friday Favourite- moisturiser review

So I have spent a few months trialling out different moisturisers to see what works best for me. I used to use vaseline because I get really dry skin and I’m sensitive to different products. I decided to move away from vaseline because Unilever are known to test on animals and to leave areas polluted.

My first option was organic raw coconut oil.


This smells yummy and everyone is obsessed with it at the moment. It was fine for my body but not for my face. It would leave me feeling dry very soon afterwards.

I decided to look for a vaseline alternative and found Waxelene. 


It has no petroleum products, non-gmo, no animal testing and is biodegradable and recyclable. It is made from organic coy oil, beeswax, natural vitamin e oil and organic rosemary oil. I tried it for quite a long time and found that although it kept me moisturised, it started to give me spots. I think it was too greasy. That’s the annoying thing about my face. It’s like Goldilocks. It needs something JUST right.

While I was trying Waxelene I went to lush and took a couple testers home. I took Celestial and Skin Drink. Celestial wasn’t good for me at all. It left me feeling dry and I don’t think it was very good to my skin. SkinDrink on the other hand was amazing. I love SkinDrink. 


It feels so good on my skin and still light. I hate putting lots of random things on my face, and often creams can feel heavy and dirty. But it doesn’t feel that way with Skin Drink. It definitely does what it says on the tin…or pot.

So Skindrink is my Friday Favourite!

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