Food Thursday’s: Loving It Vegan

Food Thursday’s – We’re bringing you our favourite ethical recipes,
food bloggers and other food related things…


This Thursday we’re featuring Loving It Vegan. It’s creators
Alison and Jaye are a couple who have been vegan since 2005 and are both
musicians. #goals


Look how cute they are!

Their website features so many amazing vegan recipes. We
love how they show how easy and delicious it is to be vegan as well as their
really cute website.

We get asked loads of questions as veggie/vegan’s and the
most common opinion is ‘how are you going to live without chicken.’ It gets
kind boring explaining it so now we can refer people to Loving it Vegan so they can see
their awesome recipes which are so easy to follow. 

Hopefully together we can
change the narrative that the only way to survive is on the over production on
chickens and cows. We need to make people respect the simplicity of ‘life’ and
a ‘living being’ because that respect has been lost. Appreciating what we have
has disappeared and instead we’ve exploited what we have.

Some of their recipes include; Pancakes, cakes, noodles,
fudge and tofu.

Try out this cool vegan mouse which uses chickpea juice as
an egg replacement!


There’s also this vegan cake frosting –


 Can’t believe that this cake is vegan! I lovee red velvet!

Being vegan offers many benefits to the planet, social and
environmental. If you’re looking for more information about the animal farming system,
I recommend that you watch Cowspiracy.

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