I receive numerous questions daily about veganism and although I’ve answered stacks of them and have resources on my blog, I thought it’d be best to compile useful resources here for easy reference. Feel free to use this to stay informed, reblog and add your own resources and share with uninformed hoes. 

Why go vegan + what is a vegan

My parents won’t let me go vegan 🙁 

Is veganism expensive? 

I have no young money ca$h money, how do I stay vegan? 

Animal ethics: 

Yeah, animals are sentient and shit but I don’t have time to watch (or read about) them suffer for an hour: 


I have no soul and don’t do anything unless it benefits my external appearance and the HEALTH of my internal organs….will being vegan help???: 

I’m lazy, just give me a summary: 

Ok you’ve convinced me, but what do I buy? I only shop in the meat and dairy isles of the supermarket….never seen an apple in my life: 

Cool beans, but what do I make: 

Vegan recipe websites:

Hope this helps,

Tanisha x x x

Vegan for the animals, the world, the environment, for everything!

This is so perfect.

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