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We absolutely adore the girls at Bamble Vintage who are so lovely. 

We’ve been meaning to do this post for a while and met Sophie and her sister at a Swing Fest in Chrisp street, London a couple months ago. We were on the way to the Just V Show and decided to have a look at the event after my mum said there was vintage clothes there. We loved the Bamble V stall the most as they had the most affordable and beautiful vintage items. Going through their stall was a wonderful experience and a lovely surprise as we weren’t expecting to find such great items!

First of all my attention was grabbed by this TOTALLY AMAZING APRON. Now as the baker/cook of the three of us I thought I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. It’s so cute, such good quality and looks great in the kitchen!


As we browsed on we found so many cute clothes. We found the perfect gift jumper that was huge, fluffy and so cosy and was just so MAYISHA.

Soomaiya picked up this completely elegant black dress and yellow top. Both in great condition and both baggy. Baggy is our fave style now, it’s cozy, it’s comfortable and it’s stunning all in one!



Now we have to emphasize how amazing the quality of Bamble Vintage’s clothes is. In fact it proves how the lifespan of clothes can be for more than just a year. Every item was carefully selected so that whatever you choose you look and feel fabulous! Instead of going to one of the many high street stores (who produce their clothes from disgusting factory conditions) for your retro/vintage fix, go to Bamble. You can find them at events near you if you check their Twitter for updates. You can also browse their items on their etsy store. All will be linked at the end for you guys.

Use your consumer power to show that we don’t need an unsustainable fashion industry. Shop vintage, ethically made or second hand. Clothes can be made to last forever and be reused by different people who will all look beautiful. I wish that every item of clothes I have came with a description of the last person who owned it so we can keep a little piece of history with our clothes. We need to treasure clothes and care about where they came from and who made them.

Bamble – We truly wish you all the best and would love to see you do great things! Let’s slow down fast fashion together. <3 

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