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Hello and welcome!

This blog is run by three dreamers. We want to fulfil our duty as stewards by caring for everything.

We try to do this by shopping ethically, eating ethically and supporting ethical trade.

However, we are not content with just changing our own lives. We want people to see how easy and important it is to show compassion to our planet and all the lovely things in it.

Pertaining to right and wrong conduct.

In Islam it is important to abide by Tayyib standards of living which means to be good, clean, wholesome, fair and lawful.

How does this relate to our choice of lifestyle?

Behind everything you eat and everything you wear there are living beings. They might be hidden, they may live in another country and they might not even be human. But they exist.

Maybe you can be inspired to live a life where every choice you make abides by ethical/tayyib standards. Your choices could even make someone elses life better.

So take small steps or leap right in. This is your journey in life and you are allowed to go at whatever pace you want.

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