Soomaiya Saturday- My Search for Ethical Jeans

 I need new black jeans! Here’s what I found when I did a quick search online.


Monkee Genes


This company really appeals to me because they just take the words out of my mouth. Have a read of their about section: where they use “carefully sourced fabrics made by people who care because they are being cared for!” and how they’re “Disillusioned with Primark and other disposable high street fashion, the Monkee Genes team decided to raise public consciousness”. They also have an outlet store where everything is 10% off



Biden have a lovely selection of jeans. I think my favourite is the velvet navy :). Read about their ethical policy here- where they state they are part of the Ethical Trading Initiative, are transparent about where their clothes are made, and talk about the different charities and initiative’s they are part of including the the HERproject which aims to “increase knowledge, improve behaviour and provide wider access to critical health services for women working in factories.”

Nomads clothing


This is a fair trade company and although they don’t have black skinnies they do have a nice range of trousers. Read their ethical and fair trade clothing page to see their policy about the environment and how to treat workers which includes policies such as “No children under the age of 16 make our products.
Paying a fair wage to workers that is either at or above the national average. Paying producers in advance so that they do not go into debt buying materials.” These might sound like basic things to us but in the garment industry workers often don’t have these rights. 

Braintree Clothing


Braintree clothing is another company that didn’t have black jeans but I love the clothes they have available. Read about the sustainable fabric and how they ensure to have thoughtful supply on their Our Story page- “From the fabrics we use to how our garments are designed, made and delivered, each step of our collection’s journey is carefully considered and done so ethically.”

I’ve only focused on jeans on this post because I really need a new pair. I don’t LOVE shopping so I mainly do it when I really need something. However, I would recommend that you browse the websites because you’re sure to find that they sell the loveliest clothes that I think are reasonably priced. And the best thing? You’d be contributing to a better world. It doesn’t take long to find the ethical alternative. It just takes a quick google search 🙂

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