Soomaiya Saturday- 50 Wears

I think I’m a creature of habit and this shows with my choice of clothes, especially on special occasions.


I know what colours work for me and I prefer to wear things I know look fine. At uni I was a shopaholic (I explained in an earlier post I had no friends and this was genuinely therapy for me). I was endlessly trying every kind of style of fashion to look good. I never looked good. I seriously looked like an idiot wearing colours and clothes that just didn’t suit me. And I never felt comfortable.

50 wears- Getting the wear out of something

One thing I realised is that it’s best for me to stick with what I know when it comes to fashion. Wearing something comfortable is good for someone who has social anxiety and can feel out of sorts in their own skin. Wearing something safe is one less thing to worry about!

When I go to weddings I feel exceptionally out of sorts. For some reason I hate dressing up for weddings. It makes me feel really self conscious. But an outfit I have worn a lot is a lengha (top and skirt asian outfit) to weddings. I don’t experiment much at weddings because I love this outfit SO much. My mum bought it for me when I was 10 years old (a cultural thing where you buy something way too big so it can be worn forever. I’ve worn it to countless weddings because I just can’t go wrong with it. To me this is a perfect example of a really good buy- timeless. Here are a couple of photos of me wearing it:

When I was 18


When I was 23


Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of me wearing it when I was 10 but I pretty much looked like I do now >.<

Another outfit that I have worn many times is a salwar kameez I bought about 6 years ago to match all my cousins at a wedding. 

The first time I wore it at 19 (sorry for the teeny picture)


Wearing it when I was 23


and wearing it last year


I love outfits that I wear a lot and really use. It’s very satisfying knowing that an outfit can be worn for different kinds of occasions and that I can never look bad in it.

Recently I went to Aasha charity shop because they sell asian clothes. I had to get something new for my cousins wedding because the theme was blue, I had no blue asian outfits. I got an outfit and although I think it’s really beautiful, blue really isn’t my colour. I hate having something in my wardrobe that I won’t want to wear in the future! I wish I could have just borrowed an outfit from someone!

I will do a post about my usual everyday outfits soon. I have too many clothes! I have a draw of dresses and I never open this draw because I never wear dresses. There are shirts and jumpers that I don’t often choose to wear. How do we get so attached to things that we don’t use?

I will try to choose some clothes to give to the swapshop we are holding today. I will try to depart with things that just take up space and I will not give 50 wears to. Maybe someone else can give it 50 wears!

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