Soomaiya Saturday- The Vegan Chicken Shop. Too Pricey?

People hate vegans.


Recently a new vegan chicken shop opened in Hackney and I’ve read a few reviews that while admitting the food is good, complain about the price.

I’ve heard this a lot about vegan food and while vegan food does tend to be pricier it really grates me that people complain about it. 

At the Vegan Chicken shop people have problems with the price of the seitan chicken and the drinks (which are fair trade- Karma Kola).

The thing is people would have no issue if they were buying meat. They would happily spend more if they were getting meat. People value meat so much. People are MEAT OBSESSED. I know people who are offended when I tell them that I avoid eating meat to the point where I don’t even want to tell people. I just don’t want to have an argument about why…

It might sound like I’m exaggerating but I’m not. I have literally argued with almost every person I have made the mistake of telling that I avoid eating meat. 

Sure it would be nice if there was a cheaper vegan chicken shop but there is an alternative for those that would prefer to spend less- Quorn chicken nuggets which are delicious. For those that complain that Karma Kola is too expensive- that’s how much it costs to make something that is fair trade. This is the current price of eating out without leaving a bad footprint on the world. If you think it costs to much then you can choose an alternative. Personally I probably wouldn’t buy the Karma Kola- I’d wait and get something later. It is possible to spend within your means and be vegan.

People would rather spend more on a meat dish than the same price for a vegetarian/vegan dish. And whilst thats their prerogative, the reason a person buys a vegetarian/vegan dish isn’t based on price for the customer. Eating vegetarian/vegan is based on the price of the environment and the living things in our planet.

*Chris Crocker voice*– LEAVE VEGANS ALONE


I’ve decided to share my favourite items from an ethical shop every week! This week I have chosen a few items from People Tree. Just click the names to buy!

Selma Flared Skirt- £45 (on sale)


Livia Jumpsuit- £90


Respect Tee- £32


Star Charm Bracelet- £26


Moon and Star Necklace- £25


That’s all folks!

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