• Sustainable workforce -> sustainable RMG -> sustainable enconomy
  • Need sustainable change-> decent employment income and living, and healthy industrial relations


    • Recommendations
      • Strong trade unions
      • Increase workers rights claiming ability: create employment, income and social security e.g. health insurance, cheaper food, education for children, protect women
      • Independent RMG employment commission to oversee planning for RMG industry
      • Effective TUs to defend rights
      • TUs to not be replaced by PC/WWAs, unique TU definition and forms
      • TU/CBOs equipped with knowledge, skills and resources
      • Ensure TUFs democratic, less political divisions
      • Transparent, systematic documentation of what is happening in RMG industry
      • Long-term employer involvement in change processes
      • Responsive government, commitment to review and strengthen laws
      • GBV to be the responsibility of TUs, more women leaders, accessible reporting channel for women
      • Civil society and local gov protection mechanism for women.

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