Amazon Prime Day

Actions of Solidarity with Amazon workers


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Today and tomorrow I will be joining @Amazon workers on their #PrimeDay strike against exploitative working conditions, find out more: #AmazonWorkersAreNotRobots @JeffBezos @GMB_union

Join @Amazon workers on their #PrimeDay strike against the exploitative working conditions they’re expected to endure – DO NOT BUY FROM AMAZON FOR THE NEXT TWO DAYS find out more: #AmazonWorkersAreNotRobots @GMB_union @JeffBezos

While @Amazon offers amazing deals to their Prime members for #PrimeDay, their workers are expected to endure horrific working conditions – join the strike and DO NOT BUY ANYTHING TODAY AND TOMORROW find out more: #AmazonWorkersAreNotRobots @GMB_union

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Today and tomorrow, Amazon is offering its Prime members amazing deals for its ‘Prime Day’ event. During this time, Amazon’s warehouse workers across the world will be striking in protest against the exploitative working conditions they continue to endure, particularly while attempting to meet the high demand of next day delivery orders during events such as these. The poor working conditions have been long documented, with more than 600 ambulance call-outs to Amazon warehouses reported over the past three years! As Amazon continues to grow and its influence continues to expand, with Jeff Bezos currently the richest man in the world, it is our duty to stand in solidarity with workers fighting relentless for justice. Join Amazon workers and DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FOR THE NEXT TWO DAYS. For more info and to show solidarity please sign the petition in my bio (insert the petition in your bio link) and share this information! #AmazonWorkersAreNotRobots @amazon @gmbunion @jeffbezos



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