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For months, kitchen porters working at the exclusive 5 Hertford St club have been protesting for fair wages and decent working conditions.  In a bid to silence workers and intimidate them into silence, some of the protesting workers have now been suspended.

It was revealed that workers were earning  just £8.65 an hour, working up to 48-hours a week, receiving 20-minute unpaid lunch breaks, and were not being paid overtime. Workers also lacked occupational sick pay, and a clause in their contract forbid them from talking to the media without permission. Wages were increased to £9 after pressure, however this 35p increase is nothing. There is also constant fear that working conditions will decline further, as they have now been outsourced to another company, ACT Clean, which will now have the power to control their working conditions.

The club is an exclusive, rich people’s club, with an annual fee of £1,800, with even billionaires not making the cut for membership. Not only that but the owner, a multimillionaire businessman, has donated large sums to UKIP and Boris Johnson’s campaign to become Prime Minister. Funding the ongoing vilification of migrant workers while exploiting a largely migrant workforce to ensure his billions, this man is scum of the Earth.

Workers organised with IWGB, which has helped organise migrant workers to fight against this kind of outsourcing and secure decent living conditions.

However, rather than negotiate with the workers and the IWGB, the outsourcing company ActClean has decided to start victimising the workers, with eight having been suspended so far on trumped up charges.

Capitalism thrives off the ongoing exploitation of migrant workers, and the ONLY way workers can succeed against the system that is capitalism, is through organising.

Things you can do to support:

  • Sign the petition (below)
  • Share on social media to raise awareness, create momentum and show solidarity
  • Support IWGB and keep tabs on their work

All relevant links below:


RETWEET: https://twitter.com/IWGBunion/status/1163345900640636933

IWGB: https://iwgb.org.uk/

Twitter: @IWGBUnion





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