ASDA’s new ‘punitive’ contract

In August 2019, ASDA workers complained of being forced to accept a new contract, ‘Contract 6’, or face termination.

This contract, which had previously been voluntary, increases wages to £9 an hour, but introduces unpaid breaks and compulsory bank holiday shifts, and overall will leave employees worse off. Staff can also be asked to agree to work more flexible times and in different departments in their store.

Workers have been threatened to agree to the new contract, or face dismissal. For example, a leaflet handed to workers stated:  “You will have a number of 121s with your manager. As part of the 121 process, we hope you agree to move to the new contract. If you still don’t want to sign up to the new contract after those 121s, at that stage, we would issue notice to terminate your employment on your existing terms and conditions. We will offer to re-engage you on the new terms. If you choose not to accept the new terms, you would leave the business.”

Just a reminder that ASDA is a MULTIBILLION pound company that can afford to pay its workers a living wage while ensuring healthy working conditions- instead they are too preoccupied with ensuring and boosting their profits.

Workers have been protesting against the new contract across the UK with GMB Union, and the ‘punitive’ action the supermarket has taken to oblige workers to accept this new contract.

Corporates presume their power and influence is sufficient enough to allow the silent violation of workers’ rights with impunity to continue, and that workers will not stand up for one another. They are wrong. As corporate power continues to grow, we must remain persistent in our collective struggle against their greed.

Things you can do to support:

  • Sign the petition (below)
  • Share on social media to raise awareness, create momentum and show solidarity
  • Keep tabs via GMB Union




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