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Subject:  Dream Sentosa Factory in Indonesia

Dear Tiffany & Devon,

I am writing in response to recent protests in Indonesia by workers who were employed at the factory PT. Dream Sentosa Indonesia, where Nike supplied products from.

Workers had complained that conditions were very bad. For example, they reported intimidation and physical abuse from management, and in 2010, a worker gave birth in the factory because she was still working until the due date.

In response to the injustices they faced, workers formed the union ‘Serikat Pekerja PT. Dream Sentosa Indonesia’ (SPDSI). It was officially registered to local Manpower Office, under the registration number 568/3219/HI-S/IV/2019, on 21 April 2016.

However, on 1 February 2018, the factory suddenly shut. It has been over a year and Nike still has done nothing to support the workers. 

These workers played a fundamental role in Nike’s success, and it is absolutely shameful that they are being neglected and ignored by a billion-dollar business such as yourself.

The workers have simple demands:

1)      Negotiate with the union (SPDSI)

2)      Reinstate workers and place them to other suppliers of Nike in the Karawang area

Nike talks about empowerment, but what about the empowerment of your factory workers? Your words mean nothing until you act on them.

I would therefore like to know what Nike’s next steps are to ensuring the workers’ demands are met.

Kind regards,

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