COVID-19 Fundraisers

More Emergency funds can be found at the ILRF page

No Sweat – Raising funds for Oporajeoo, a worker-owned factory in Bangladesh run by those involved in the Rana Plaza rescue mission – They have:

    • Switched production from T-shirts to medical masks and aprons to support local hospitals.
    • Sent the majority of workers home on full pay to prevent the spread of infection.
    • Set up an internal fund to ensure that basic salaries are paid during the crisis.
    • Created a rationing facility for workers and the local community in case a national lockdown leads to food shortages.

Garment Worker Center COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund – A solidarity fund has been created to help raise money to support their emergency response efforts, ensuring garment workers in LA who are struggling with: rent, threatened job security, food insecurity, poor working conditions, have access to the resources and support they need at this time.

TRAID – Help Get Food to Garment Workers: Fundraising to provide food for 1,120 destitute migrant garment workers and their families in Tamil Nadu.

Blue Tin Production – Blue Tin Production, an apparel manufacturing workers co-operative run by immigrant, refugee, and working class women of colour, is fundraising to manufacture PPE, prioritising facilities with communities disproportionately at risk of death from COVID-19.


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