Yep. TopFLOP are STILL refusing to pay their factories what they are owed during this pandemic. This is WAGE THEFT.

They are essentially using the pandemic as an excuse to save money on labour costs – but this isn’t some tactical, business decision, this is LIFE or DEATH for the workers on the other side of these heartless decisions.

As a result, workers have been risking their lives protesting for their wages (during a pandemic!), wondering how to make ends meet when they were just about surviving on the poverty wages brands like Topshop paid them.

Please join us in demanding Topshop pay up – the more of us join our brothers and sisters in solidarity with their struggle, the more chances we have to push Topshop to pay the wages they owe. What you can do:

  • Send email – click here
  • Tweet Topshop
    •  Tweet 1 (“Hi @topshop I am very disappointed to hear you aren’t paying your suppliers for cancelled orders. By doing this, your workers cannot get paid, putting them at severe risk. Do the right thing and pay factories what they are owed!” )
    • Tweet 2 (“Hi @topshop why are you still refusing to pay factories for cancelled orders, when other brands have agreed to? Stop using COVID as an excuse to save profits, at the expense of workers lives. Do the right thing or I will no longer be a customer.”)
  • Comment on one of Topshop’s Insta posts asking them to #PayUp or you won’t be buying from them anymore
  • Respond to one of Topshop’s tweets telling them to #PayUp or you won’t be buying from them anymore


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