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Subject: Garment workers in Leicester factories subjected to unsafe working conditions during COVID-19 pandemic (something along these lines)

To whom it may concern,

I am writing in regards to a recent report released by Labour Behind the  Label, highlighting the poor working conditions garment workers in Leicester have faced while making clothes for the Boohoo Group, during the pandemic. Harrowing findings from the report include:

  • Workers pressured to continue working during lockdown, due to continued orders.
  • Workers sick with COVID pressured to continue working, or face losing their job.
  • Workers wishing to isolate denied pay.
  • Workers forced to work in factories with no social distancing, PPE, or sanitising stations, and little attempt by Boohoo to ensure compliance with COVID guidelines.
  • Factories pressured to continue production or even increase production, to keep up with new orders.
  • Furlough fraud by factory management, denying workers their pay.

I am horrified by the fact Boohoo has done little to nothing to protect its workers, and has willingly exacerbated health risks by increasing orders to factories during the pandemic. The Boohoo website speaks about the steps taken to protect employees,  and mentions warehouse workers, but there is no information regarding your garment workers. Please stop trying to hide what is happening in your factories and take steps to fix the conditions your workers are having to endure, and the serious risks they are being forced to take.

You sell charity t-shirts donating money to the NHS, but are simultaneously putting lives at risk, adding further pressure on the NHS to save lives. You have also sold a social distancing t-shirt, despite the fact you have done nothing to ensure your garment workers can socially distance while making your clothes.

The recent news of payouts to senior members further emphasises the clear lack of regard for your workers. There is no reason why a worker should be paid £2-£3 pounds an hour, working in unsafe conditions, while the CEO receives a £1.04 million pay-out, as the company reports a 44% growth in the first quarter of this year.

I would like to know what you will be doing to ensure your workers are now protected and paid their wages during the pandemic, especially with Leicester now in lockdown.

Kind regards,

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