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For the tweet ‘Hi @childrensplace I’d like to know why you are refusing to pay the MILLIONS you owe to the factories making your clothes. How do you expect your workers to be paid?’ Click here.

For the tweet ‘It has been six months of @childrensplace denying garment workers their wages, how do you expect your own workers, who were already on poverty wages, to survive during the pandemic??’ Click here

For the tweet ‘“…I sometimes skip dinner. I walk from home to work every day because the factory has stopped providing transport service and I can’t afford to pay for a bus…” PAY YOUR WORKERS @childrensplace !! (with news article) Click here

For the tweet, ‘For months, garment workers have been struggling to buy food and make ends meet, all because @childrensplace , who had a turnover of $2bn last year, refuses to pay their wages!  (with news article) Click here

For the tweet, ‘Can @childrensplace please explain how they are able to offer up to 60% discounts on their clothes for customers, but at the same time refuse to pay their own workers for months on end???’ Click here

For the tweet, ‘Hi @childrensplace can you explain why you think its ok for your billion dollar brand to stop paying garment workers in Ethiopia making the clothes you profit from? They are needlessly suffering because of you. (with news article) Click here


To: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Subject: The Children’s Place and cancelled orders with suppliers during the pandemic

Dear Bradley, Adrian and Reena,

I am writing in regards to a recent article from The Guardian, which highlighted The Children’s Place cancelling millions of dollars worth of clothing orders from suppliers in Ethiopia.

The article includes harrowing accounts from workers who can’t afford to buy food or transport to travel to work, and are worried they won’t be able to pay their rent, because factories are unable to pay their wages.

What is even more distressing is the fact that The Children’s Place had a turnover of $2bn last year, and is currently offering up to 60% discounts on its website. From the outside is seems as though the brand can afford to pay its workers, it is simply choosing not to.

As a brand focused on children’s wear, I wonder if The Children’s Place has considered the children of garment workers who cannot make ends meet, because their employer – a billion dollar brand – refuses to pay them – during a pandemic.

I am asking that you seriously reconsider your decision to cancel these orders,  and ensure your workers are paid and protected during the pandemic. It is the very least you can do for the people who work so hard to produce your clothes. Many other big brands have agreed to cancel orders, including Gap and Primark, so what is stopping The Children’s Place?

Kind regards,

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