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Click here for tweet: Hi @matalan , why have you refused to pay your garment workers’ wages since March? You are putting vulnerable workers in a more dangerous position – during a pandemic. With a gross profit of £141m last year, why place the financial burden on workers earning poverty wages?

Click here for tweet: A reminder that @matalan refused to pay their suppliers during a pandemic, knowing it would impact whether their garment workers received their wages or even have a job – Matalan why are you STILL refusing to #PayUp ?

Click here for tweet: So @matalan refused to pay their garment workers because of the pandemic, but are perfectly capable of offering discounts to their customers? It doesn’t add up! Stop using the pandemic as an excuse to avoid paying your own workers and #PayUp

Click here for the tweet: Hi @matalan What did you do to ensure workers like Rojina Begum at Ultimate Fashions Ltd were reinstated and paid their wages after the factory sacked 300 workers due to cancelled orders from brands such as yourselves?

Click here for the tweet: Hi @matalan , why have you failed to address the fact that 250 workers from Sepia Garment, a Matalan supplier, are owed 2 months worth of wages after the owner ran away in September? How do you expect your workers to survive unpaid during a pandemic?


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Subject: Matalan and cancelled orders with suppliers during the pandemic


To whom it may concern,

I am very concerned to hear that Matalan has refused to pay its suppliers for cancelled orders since March, and would like to know why Matalan has made this decision. Your actions have meant suppliers are unable to pay their workers who, as a result, are struggling to make ends meet during this pandemic.

Furthermore, the Coronavirus page on the Matalan website provides no insight into how you are ensuring the wellbeing of your garment workers. Your failure to even mention them implies a complete disregard of their right to be protected by their employer, and indicates that nothing has been done.

I suggest you do the right thing and pay your suppliers in full for cancelled orders, to protect the workers making your clothes. Your garment workers have spent years surviving on poverty wages, with little means to save, so it makes no sense that they are the ones who must bear the financial burden of the pandemic. Your own statement online shows you had a gross profit of $141m last year, so what is stopping you from protecting your garment workers?

Kind regards,


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