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Click here for the tweet: “Hi @Kohls I’d like to know why you told suppliers you couldn’t pay for cancelled orders worth $150m, therefore denying workers’ their wages, but a week later you gave your shareholders $109m – do your own garment workers mean that little to you?”

Click here for the tweet:: “There is NO reason why @Kohls – a company worth $2.16bn, who gave their shareholders $109m during a pandemic – should claim they are unable to pay their garment workers. #PayUpKohls !!”

Click here for the tweet: “According to @kohls CEO, the brand is ‘committed to being a responsible corporate citizen’ – what is responsible about leaving your garment workers unpaid for 8 months during a pandemic? #PayUpKohls

Click here for the tweet: “If you can find $100m to reward your shareholders during a pandemic, you can find the money to pay your garment workers their wages and protect them during a pandemic @Kohls . #PayUpKohls

Click here for the tweet: “Can @kohls explain why it is happy to leave its own garment workers to starve, while offering shareholders over $100m. Stop using the pandemic as an excuse to save on labour costs. There are human lives behind your cost-cutting tactics. #PayUpKohls”

Click here for the tweet: “Imagine being a billion-dollar company and claiming you can’t pay your garment workers their wages because of COVID, and literally a week later giving your shareholders over $100m in dividends. That’s @kohls for you! #PayUpKohls”


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Subject: Kohl’s and cancelled orders with suppliers during the pandemic

Dear Michelle, Janell, Greggory, Rajiv, Matthew, Steve, Julia & Pamela,

I am writing in regards to the news that Kohl’s has not paid for orders it cancelled with suppliers during the pandemic, worth $150 million. While this has had a detrimental impact on suppliers and workers, what is particularly shocking is the fact that just a week after making the announcement on cancelled orders, Kohl’s went on to give its shareholders $109m in dividends.

Surely if Kohl’s can afford to give this huge payout to shareholders, the brand can also afford to pay its own workers? The fact that shareholders have been prioritised during the pandemic, over workers who have worked overtime on poverty wages, creating the very products your company depends on for profit, is incomprehensible.

Harrowing accounts from your workers, many who have been dismissed and are struggling to cope financially, highlights the devastation your decision has made. To you this may be a way to ‘save’ money, but to your workers, this is their livelihoods destroyed – during a pandemic.

It doesn’t have to be like this. If you can afford a huge payout to your shareholders, please tell us what is stopping you from paying your own workers their wages. Your sustainability page stresses the importance of being a ‘responsible corporate citizen’, but how can anyone take that seriously if you are actively denying your own garment workers their wages?

I am asking that you seriously reconsider your decision to not pay for your orders,  and ensure your workers are paid and protected during the pandemic. It is the very least you can do for the people who work so hard to produce your clothes. Many other big brands have agreed to cancel orders, including Gap and Primark, so what is stopping Kohl’s?

Kind regards,



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