Edinburgh Woollen Mills Action

Sample Tweets (you can also copy and paste these into Peacocks, Bon Marche, EWM’s IG posts too!):

Click here for the tweet: If only @ewmonline put as much energy into actually paying its garment workers as it did blocking activists online and pushing suppliers to clarify how much the company owes! cc: @bonmarche @peacocks #PayUp #PayYourWorkers

Click here for the tweet: After months of denying workers their wages, @ewmonline decided that, instead of paying up, it would present itself as the victim, after an incorrect figure of how much it owes workers was spread. Be more concerned with paying your workers please! cc: @peacocks @bonmarche #PayUp

Click here for the tweet: If @ewmonline is struggling to pay its own garment workers, maybe it should look at its billionaire owner Philip Day, living it large in Dubai, while the people who built his empire starve. cc: @peacocks @bonmarche

Click here for the tweet: Hi @peacocks @bonmarche @ewmonline, I’d like to know why are you STILL refusing to pay your garment workers when other brands have decided they will be paying what they owe? It’s been 8 months now!! #PayUp #PayYourWorkers

Click here for the tweet: Hi @peacocks @bonmarche @ewmonline, whether figures on how much you owe workers were incorrect, it doesn’t change the fact you STILL OWE WORKERS THEIR WAGES! #PayUp #PayYourWorkers

Click here for the tweet: Just a reminder that the owner of @bonmarche @ewmonline @peacocks is a billionaire who lives in Dubai and owns a castle, and refuses to pay garment workers their wages – during a pandemic. #PayUp #PayYourWorkers

Click here for the tweet: If @ewmonline is so concerned about is reputation, maybe it could consider stopping its garment workers from starving and actually paying them their unpaid wages? cc: @peacocks @bonmarche #PayUp #PayYourWorkers

Click here for the tweet: Hi @bonmarche @peacocks @ewmonline , it has now been 8 months and you still have not paid your garment workers their wages, just to save your own backs. How do you expect them to survive?? #PayUp #PayYourWorkers

War on Want Petition to Peacocks

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