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Click here for tweet: Hi @newlook it has been 8 months since you decided not to pay for orders you cancelled with your suppliers, impacting whether your garment workers receive their wages or even have a job – why are you still refusing to #PayUp ?

Click here for tweet: So @newlook refused to pay their garment workers because of the pandemic, but are simultaneously perfectly capable of offering discounts to their customers? It doesn’t add up! Stop using the pandemic as an excuse to avoid paying your own workers and #PayUp

Click here for tweet: It is shocking that @newlook , having made £419 million in profit and offering discounts to customers, has STILL not paid their own garment workers’ wages during the pandemic. New Look, what is stopping you? #PayUp

Click here for tweet: Can @newlook explain why, despite having made over £400 million in profits this year, they have yet to pay their workers’ wages since April? You are knowingly putting your workers at severe risk, during a pandemic. Do the right thing and #PayUp


Email address: [email protected]

Subject: New Look’s cancelled orders with suppliers during the pandemic


To whom it may concern,

I am writing in regards to New Look’s decision to cancel orders with its suppliers at the outset of the pandemic. Months later, suppliers have reported that New Look has yet to pay what it owes them.

What is even more distressing is the fact that New Look has made over £400 million in profits this year, and has offered discounts to its customers during this pandemic.  From the outside is seems as though New Look can afford to pay its workers, it is simply choosing not to.

As a brand focused on young women, I wonder if New Look has considered the women who make up their garment workforce who cannot make ends meet or have been dismissed with unpaid wages, because the brand they are producing for refuses to pay them, while reaping profits during a pandemic.

I am asking that you seriously reconsider your decision to cancel these orders,  and ensure your workers are paid and protected during the pandemic. It is the very least you can do for the people who work so hard to produce your clothes. Many other big brands have agreed to pay for cancelled orders, including H&M Primark, so what is stopping New Look?

Kind regards,

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  1. The work you’re doing for raising awareness about the garments industry is amazing! The world could do with more people like you

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