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Click here for the tweet: .@balmain there is nothing luxurious about refusing to pay your suppliers for cancelled orders, during a pandemic! If you can afford A-list stars to model your clothes you can afford to pay garment workers! #PayUp

Click here for the tweet: Hi @balmain please explain how you are selling clothes for thousands of dollars, but refuse to pay your own garment workers the wages they are owed? This is not out of your reach. #PayUp

Click here for the tweet: Very disappointed to see that @balmain have refused to pay in full for cancelled orders with their suppliers, knowing it will impact whether their garment workers are paid – during a pandemic! #PayUp !!

Click here for the tweet: How can a luxury brand like @balmain refuse to pay their garment workers their wages during a pandemic – as if money is an issue? YOU’RE A LUXURY BRAND. Pay your dues asap Balmain!


Email: [email protected]

Subject: Balmain and cancelled orders with suppliers during the pandemic


To whom it may concern,

I am very concerned to hear that Balmain has refused to pay its suppliers for cancelled orders , and would like to know why Balmain has made this decision. Your actions have meant suppliers are unable to pay their workers who, as a result, are struggling to make ends meet during this pandemic.

As a world-renowned luxury fashion house, it is shocking that a brand held in such high esteem would act in such a way that jeopardises the livelihoods of their own workers at such a difficult time. If a company like yourself can afford to enlist A-list stars to model your clothes, what is stopping you from paying your garment workers?

I suggest you do the right thing and pay your suppliers in full for cancelled orders, to protect the workers making your clothes. Throwing them under the bus to protect your profits is not the answer, and is simply wrong.

Kind regards,


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