The Oh So Ethical Guide to Online Charity Shops

There are countless charity shops dotted around but finding time to get to them is difficult when you work 9-5!

I have curated a list of online charity shops for our busy bees and for those who just don’t like to shop in-stores.

  1. oxfam oxfambooksn1  –
  2. Sue Ryder sueryderleicester suerydervintage –
  3. Scope –
  4. Marie Curie  –
  5. British Heart Foundation  –
  6. Race for Life –

I will add more to the list as I discover more but that is the list for now! 

Some of these shops are merchandise from the charity while others are literally online charity shops.

Happy shopping!

Pretty Pickings- My guide to shopping

I just wanted to put up a post about shopping because I thought I’d try and inspire my friends and whoever else may read this. I feel really strongly about knowing where my clothes come from. I do shop on the high street but keep an eye out for the source. I know there are times when you can’t make sure your clothes are ethically sourced- so this post isn’t about telling people what to do! You need the high street for things like underwear or when you just want something new (I know the feeling). I just think we need to stop relying on the high street for a few reasons-

1. Things that are dirt cheap make me wonder what the person who made it is getting paid.

2. Things that are expensive (at say…topshop/matalan) make me wonder how much the person who made it is getting paid and how much the shareholders are getting.

3. It causes an unhealthy addiction to regular pointless shopping for things we DO NOT NEED. Sometimes you need to treat yourself. Sometimes.

4. Vintage and Charity shops are SO much fun (and you get to be unique blah blah)

                                  So it’s a mixture of things

Love of the old + hate of consumerism + can’t ignore the injustices

I’ve been shopping at vintage and charity shops since I started shopping for myself. I don’t know why but I have this attachment to the past…

At the same time when I was at university I was a huge shopaholic. Couple of the reasons for this are that; I had no friends so spent my time at the shopping centre, and I was under a lot of stress and literally relied on retail therapy. From 17-21 shopping was the only release/fun I had (apart from Twilight and Bridget Jones). I didn’t do music or see my friends a lot…. or even read much.


So I became 21 and then 22 and then the Rana Plaza collapsed. I was sort of discussing it with a colleague who was just like me- The- we can’t do about it so lets just carry on as we are- attitude. Then this one person said what are you talking about…ofcourse you can do something…you’re so stupid (along those lines). It wasn’t that she herself cared about ethically sourced clothes, she just thought that our ‘helplessness’ was stupid. At first I was like what a cow but then i realised the reason I didn’t like what she said was because it’s true. From then I tried to find out if there was a way to go about this issue in abetter way and stayed a little complacent till I went to Primark one day and thought- the person who made this might have died in those horrible conditions. So that stopped me from going back.

While this was happening I was also going through a whole stop wasting your money phase. I had been budgeting for a while and used for toiletries and wouldn’t buy anything unless i absolutely needed or really wanted this (the way i figure this out is to see if i remember the item after a week). I also started to get into the habit of only buying one of each style of clothing (also sticking to one moisturiser and shampoo- lawls). I always try and get different shapes, styles and colours. It’s kind of a Gok Wan approach and I love it. It’s satisfying knowing you have loads of outfits without shopping too much.

When i go into a high street store seeing the MADE IN BRITAIN label makes me so excited. Finding a gem in a second hand shop makes me happy. Infact I’m the same with books. 90% of them are old and smelly. I can spend forever in a bookshop but I will go to ebay and buy it from someone who has already read it. Like i said I can’t explain why I like smelly old books and clothes….definitely about the time period but also the fact that these can be reused and last nearly forever.
The Pretty Pickings
So here are the pictures of my lovely finds. The places I visit most are
-Local charity shops
-Wood green charity shops
-Beyond Retro
And I visited COW once in Birmingham and bought a great skirt.
This is continued on another page as I couldn’t fit all my pictures in. I might upload more as I get them 🙂
So I just wanted to share this first. I think it’s one of the coolest things i have found. It was £1 at my local charity shop. I bought it when was 16 and it’s only been out on holiday twice. It has the initials E.W on the front and inside has thin red floral prints with the last owners address stuck on the back (same area as I live in). SO MUCH HISTORY and now I’ve added a trip to Leeds and Paris to it 🙂


Another cool purchase is this wallet. I haven’t used it yet but I think its amazing. Just look at it.