The Shy Activist- Assignment: Earth

Happy Earth Day!


Every year this day serves as a reminder of our responsibility as stewards of the planet. 

Why should we care about the state of the environment? Because it is important for our own personal well being and our great great grandchildren’s well being. Earth is our home and we should treat is as we would our own four walls. 

I’ve compiled tips that can be used in everyday life from the moment you read this post. 

Start your New Earth Year resolutions now!

Buy locally-grown produce to reduce your carbon footprint. Find your local farmers market or farm and support their sustainable business. You’ll be giving your money to a good business and be part of a bigger change.

Walk to work- Walking to work isn’t only good for the environment. It’s good for mental health as well as physical well being. We generally spend too much time away from natural light and those at desk jobs spend too much time sitting down! I find that walking to and from work is an easy way to add some exercise to your lifestyle. 

And ask Elle Woods explains:


Stop using disposable plastic

Bottled water- Drink tap water and if you feel it might not be safe then get a filtered bottle. A bobble is an affordable sustainably made reusable bottle and the filter needs to be replaced every 2 to 3 months. 

Plastic bags- Use. Reusable. Bags.

Microbeads- Ensure that your beauty products don’t have microbeads which go down our sinkholes into our land and sea.

Eat less meat- If you read our last post you’ll know that meat production accounts for a large proportion of greenhouse gases. “Producing one calorie of meat requires nearly twenty times the amount of energy as one plant calorie!”

Support environmentally friendly fashion- Stop relying on fast fashion and have faith in sweatshops and ethical brands! Next time you feel the shopping urge or need something new check out the many fair favourites we have featured or just google it!


“Komodo has been a pioneer brand, promoting the use and development of Organic Cotton, Hemp, Bamboo, Tencel and other natural fibres since the early 90s. Equally important was the welfare of the suppliers and people who work in the small factory units that make our clothes. There needs to be loyalty and respect to make a good deal for all and we still visit our factories for at least 2 months+ each year to ensure that any problems are solved together.”

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The Shy Activist- 99 problems and Microbeads are one

Everyday we wash with shampoo, shower gel, face scrubs and toothpaste. 

Have you considered the impact your everyday essentials might have on the environment? 

Microbeads are tiny plastic beads that are used in our personal care products. On average there are 100,000 microbes used in products to refresh and exfoliate our skin.

Microbes are made from “Polyethylene, but are sometimes constructed of other petrochemical plastics like polystyrene and polypropylene. These tiny, seemingly harmless particles are having a giant impact on the environment – so much so that they are now regulated by the US government.”

After we finish scrubbing our skin and teeth microbeads flow down the drain and because they are so small they aren’t caught in sewage treatment plants. They then wash into rivers and canals and sewage sludge fertiliser. 

These microbeads aren’t biodegradable and research suggests that “animals right at the bottom of the food chain are ingesting it and we worry what impact that will have higher up the food chain.” 663 species of marine life are affected in oceanic gyres, bays, gulfs and seas worldwide.


Always check the ingredients of the products you buy to make sure there are no microbeads in them. You can buy products that use natural, biodegradable exfoliants like sea salt, crushed shells, sugar, sand, and ground bark. Big brands are less likely to give up the habit but you can find lot’s of other brands who do; Lush, Green people, Antipodes. Check ethicalsuperstore for more or make your own!


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Our main priority is to maintain an ethical approach towards all aspects of our business. INAYAH’s foundation is based upon care and uncompromising ethical practise, to ensure fair and honest business dealings. We work exclusively with small family run production units, that pay fair wages to their workers whilst providing them with good working conditions. Before we collaborate with a factory, we assess working conditions, wages and their business practises, to determine whether or not they will deliver a quality, ethical service.

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