Pucker up with a PHB Pout

Hello friends and welcome to another blog post. Today i’m going to be telling you about the PHB 100% pure organic lip tint- in Raspberry.


PHB recently sent me an email asking for a review of their product and I was really excited about this because I’ve been interested in PHB for a while and if you saw my last video you’d know about the many things that I admire this brand for including being:

  • Cruelty free
  • Natural
  • Certified Halal
  • Supporting Charities
  • and I didn’t even mention that they’re palm oil free and handmade!

I have been using their brow powder and eye liner for a few months. I use these products everyday without fail because I look like a foetus without them and they’ve been the best ethical makeup brand I’ve used to date. 

The only thing I would say about the eyeliner is that I use the brush of an old eyeliner to apply it for a smoother look and sometimes do two coats to get it to look as dark as my soul. 

Back to the lip tint which boasts the following benefits:

  • 78% Organic Ingredients
  • Super-hydrating Tinted Lip Balm
  • Softens and moisturises lips
  • Long lasting, natural looking colour
  • With Shea Butter to nourish and protest lips against dryness
  • Gentle sheen which gives a natural glow
  • Free from carmine & petrochemicals
  • 100% natural- great for sensitive skin
  • Vegan, Cruelty Free and Halal Certified
  • Free from nano particles, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, talc, formaldehyde, mineral oils, fillers, gluten, fragrance, preservatives & GM ingredients.  

So I’m interested to see if their absolutely ethical lipgloss could impress me and do the job a brand that isn’t ethically conscious does. Judging from the products I’ve tried before I had high hopes.

I don’t usually wear anything on my lips to colour them because I don’t feel like many colours suit me and I’m also quite shy about standing out with bold lip colours. The only lipsticks I have were bought when I was around 20, when I used to buy the biggest brands. Yes they have lasted me 6 years and I think they still have another 6 years in them. Hopefully they don’t make my lips fall off…

Coincidentally the weekend I received the request from PHB, I had already stated out loud to my friend that I need an ethical lip colour for my growing collection of ethical makeup.

I wasn’t able to choose the colour I wanted but I figured that I’d give it a try anyway! The colours include Blossom, Cranberry, Mulberry, Peach and Petal. When I received the lip tint I loved the casing as it was clean white and a nice size. I was a little bit wary of the colour which at first looks like a metallic pinky purple. It looks very bold and to a wallflower looks a little scary at first glance.

But when I put it on I remembered (literally had an Oh yea! moment) that it was a lip tint and the boldness of the colour transfers lightly on the mouth. It is described as a colour that suits all tones and I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was true for me, and when my sister tried it, it suited her too. It has a shimmer and the pink matches my bottom lip so it basically evens out my mouth colour with a pink sparkly tint.

The lip tint is very moisturising and feels really good on the lips for a long period of time. I put it on at 12.30pm and then only reapplied at 4pm because it left my lips feeling really soft and cushiony for few hours. Then again I’m not the sort of person who constantly reapplies lip balm anyway, but I reckon it works as well as any good lip balm. For some reason I’ve recently had dryer lips, maybe due to not drinking my 8 cups a day, and this balm has tackled that.

I think this lip tint is perfect for me because of the hint of colour and moisturising effect. It basically what I create whenever I use my lip liner and mix it with vaseline to create the colour and moisturising effect- except is easier and ethical.

So far PHB ethical have impressed me so I think my next and final mission is to get an ethical concealer. PHB ethical gives two free samples of different products with every order over £5 so I chose a bb cream and foundation. Unfortunately they were too light for me but perfect for my sister, so with my next order I’ll be getting a sample of foundation to figure out my colour, with hopes of buying some from them.

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Soomaiya Saturday- The Vegan Chicken Shop. Too Pricey?

People hate vegans.


Recently a new vegan chicken shop opened in Hackney and I’ve read a few reviews that while admitting the food is good, complain about the price.

I’ve heard this a lot about vegan food and while vegan food does tend to be pricier it really grates me that people complain about it. 

At the Vegan Chicken shop people have problems with the price of the seitan chicken and the drinks (which are fair trade- Karma Kola).

The thing is people would have no issue if they were buying meat. They would happily spend more if they were getting meat. People value meat so much. People are MEAT OBSESSED. I know people who are offended when I tell them that I avoid eating meat to the point where I don’t even want to tell people. I just don’t want to have an argument about why…

It might sound like I’m exaggerating but I’m not. I have literally argued with almost every person I have made the mistake of telling that I avoid eating meat. 

Sure it would be nice if there was a cheaper vegan chicken shop but there is an alternative for those that would prefer to spend less- Quorn chicken nuggets which are delicious. For those that complain that Karma Kola is too expensive- that’s how much it costs to make something that is fair trade. This is the current price of eating out without leaving a bad footprint on the world. If you think it costs to much then you can choose an alternative. Personally I probably wouldn’t buy the Karma Kola- I’d wait and get something later. It is possible to spend within your means and be vegan.

People would rather spend more on a meat dish than the same price for a vegetarian/vegan dish. And whilst thats their prerogative, the reason a person buys a vegetarian/vegan dish isn’t based on price for the customer. Eating vegetarian/vegan is based on the price of the environment and the living things in our planet.

*Chris Crocker voice*– LEAVE VEGANS ALONE


I’ve decided to share my favourite items from an ethical shop every week! This week I have chosen a few items from People Tree. Just click the names to buy!

Selma Flared Skirt- £45 (on sale)


Livia Jumpsuit- £90


Respect Tee- £32


Star Charm Bracelet- £26


Moon and Star Necklace- £25


That’s all folks!